Top 6 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps For Android & iOS

Which are the Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps? We would like to inform that cameras that are used especially for our security purpose are called as CCTV, Hidden Camera or Spy Camera. It is mainly used to record any sort of activities that happens near its surrounding. All of them might know that Traffic signal uses Hidden cameras to record any crimes or road accidents. Offices, Hotels, Shopping Malls, and many other places use the Security cameras to ensure and watch any sort of anti-social elements happening around the place. Hidden Cameras are also very helpful to track the bomb blast, robbery or any other serious issues happened at a particular time frame.


There are some Hidden Camera Detector Apps available in the iTunes Appstore or Google Play Store which can be able to detect hidden camera near you. You can easily find the hidden cameras which are near to you by this Hidden Camera detector applications either by a sound or an alert. There are multiple hidden camera detector apps available for Android and iOS users. A few of them are listed below:

Top 6 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps For Android & iOS

Hidden Camera Detector Apps

Detect + Hidden Camera Detector

This is one of the best hidden camera detector apps which is an anti-spy camera especially used to find the hidden cameras for both Android and iOS users. We would like to inform that it is very easy and fast to detect or find the hidden microphones or cameras. Hereafter even if you are in a dress changing room, any other places away from your home or hotels then you don’t have any worries, no more uncomfortable situations or anyone to spy you. Please install this application and you can easily detect any hidden cameras by scanning the device.

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Spy Hidden Camera Detector

It is another popular and best hidden camera detector app for iPhone and Android users. Your privacy will be protected from spy camera and hidden lenses by using this application. It is also used to easily trace the disguised camera lens (which might be present within the room). By using this application, you can stay secured from any embarrassing moments.

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Hidden Camera Detector

You can use this application even to detect CCTV cameras and as well as any hidden cameras in hotels, changing room. This is one of best spy and hidden camera detector apps for Android and iOS devices. Infrared and pinhole cameras can also be detected by using this application. You can make use of this application in two distinct ways. You can scan the hidden cameras though Magnetic sensors to analyze the magnetic activity. Or you can enable the Infrared Detectors mode to find the Infrared cameras.

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Don’t Spy – Spy Devices Detector

Don’t Spy is another great hidden camera detector application for iPhone and Android users and used to detect any hidden cameras. They are also used as a Spy Bug Detector. Even the hidden electronic devices are also detected by using this application. You can also find a microphone, spy bugs, hidden cameras, smartphone and many others from this application. Please install this application and stay secure. Don’t Spy application is named as Spy Device Detector (Bug Detector) and you can download the same from Google Play Store for Android users.

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This application used to track the camera option with the help of your GPS location. Radarbot is one of the most popular hidden camera detector (speedcam detector) application designed for both iOS and Android users. Traffic lights, ANPR Cameras, potential mobile cameras, fixed speed cameras, and other cameras are allowed to use by this application. Since you are enabling the GPS navigation system on your mobile, you can also make use of some fake GPS apps to change your existing location and scan for hidden cameras.

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This application is one of the best and paid hidden camera detector app available for iPhone devices. Hidden and Snooping cameras will be detected by using the Anti-spy system. This application will also act as a Security application for the iOS device. With this application, you can easily secure your life and as well as your device. Another feature is, it is used to track if someone tries to unlock or use your smartphone. Even you can secure your files, videos, photos, data, and other information by using this application. iAmNotified application is named as Anti Spy System and you can download the same from Google Play Store for Android users.

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We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand about the Spy Hidden Camera Detector apps, its usage, and benefits of this application. Well, the good thing is that these Hidden Camera Detector apps available for iOS and Android users. A piece of advice that a few applications will be available at free of cost and a few may be used by Paid version, so please check the application before installation. Please use the application and stay secured from any embarrassing moments.

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