Is Tik Tok Safe For Kids? – Parents’ Ultimate Guide

TikTok, also known as Douyin in China, is a media app for creating and sharing short videos. This application was founded by ByteDance. It was introduced one year later to the overseas market. But how safe is tik tok? Is Tik Tok Safe For Kids? In this post, we will talk about everything you need to know about Tik tok.

What is Tik Tok? – About The App

Is Tik Tok Safe
Is Tik Tok Safe


TikTok is the leading short video platform in the United States, Asia and multiple parts of World. This application becomes the most downloaded and gained popularity in the U.S by last year.

This application is available in 75 languages over 150 markets. It is used t create short looping videos (3 to 60 Seconds) and short music videos (3 to 15 Seconds). 500 Million Users are using this application globally.


While some are well versant regarding its usages, some are totally new. So for those who are new and who have a flair for using such apps, the following features can be of some assistance to them. We have also posted a detailed guide about Tik Tok Tips & tricks to become an overnight star.

Uploading Video Directly

This is indeed a unique feature of this application. With TikTok, you can upload your recorded videos directly to your account. As per your wish, you can edit or add the different type of effects. This helps in saving your time and energy as you will be able to engage your followers in a situation where video recording is not convenient.

Duet Videos

Are you interested in collaborating with your friend for making videos? You may hesitate in this as your friend is staying in a far off place. But again with TikTok things are pretty simple. You can produce good quality duet videos using this app even if your friend stays in a different country. Standard effects can be added in those videos. This feature can add variety to your feed which will further help you in acquiring more followers.

Slideshow Maker

If you are an active user of social media, you should be familiar with popular slideshow videos. Through such videos, you can create a unique collection by embedding several memories of yours in the form of videos. For other different and similar type of applications, you need to download external apps to make slideshows. It is very much easier to share the videos in your feed seamlessly by using TikTok.

Timer for Video Recording

Making of lip sync videos is a bit difficult as you need to maintain the right time along with focusing on the video. Creating such videos consumes a lot of time, but using TikTok you can do it in few minutes. The timer feature will enable you in concentrating on the video content. For automatic recording, you need to select the timer option and wait for a few seconds to record.

Superior Video Editor

This is another distinctive feature of this app. This feature will help you in editing videos so that the lip sync can be made perfect even if the recording does not happen properly. This possibility is not available in other apps of similar types.

Is Tik Tok Safe for Kids

Please be informed that TikTok is rated as “Teen Maturity” on Google Play and “12+” on Apple Store. However, we do not find any systematic procedure to track or verifying the User’s age. Any part of age users can download the application.

Since the application contains explicit language and inappropriate contents; we recommend that this is not the correct application for young kids. While coming to the concerned parents, we advise you to enable the “Parental Control Settings” on the devices which your children are using and prevent them from downloading any sort of these applications.

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Rules Implementation

The Chinese owners of this app ByteDance have been fined a record $5.8 Million US dollars (8 million Aus) by the U.S Federal Trade Commission for not complying with the Privacy Protection law COPPA. The reasons for the fine are that TikTok did not adhere to the law in protecting users under the age of 13+.

Prior to last year, they do not have an option for Age Verification while signing up for an account or even after finding their age on any sort of public bios. Moreover, they have not contacted the parents to remove the underage personal information or any videos under their account.

Due to these reasons, TikTok has created some new restrictions, particularly for U.S users. They have been told to take down U.S underage user accounts, to ask for age verification on sign up, and direct underage users to a safer version of the TikTok Platform. As of now, they are deleting the videos from the database upon user’s request. The COPPA ruling or any restrictions will not be applicable for children who are residing outside of U.S Australian.

It is a challenging factor for each parent to know whether it is really Tik Tok Safe For Kids? They inform that the TikTok Videos are creative fun and mostly harmless, but the main concern is that the application was used by kids. While accessing any social media network, we advise you and your kids to make use of Privacy settings to limit the information you are sharing. Even kids can publish any sort of information without editing or reviewing it first.

There have even been reports of online predators using the app to target younger users. And in 2019, TikTok paid millions to settle with federal regulators who charged it violated children’s privacy law.


We are delighted to inform you that TikTok is absolutely safe for the children and the information provided above helps you understand the use, restrictions and other limitations of the ticket application. Parents, please use parental control settings on your child’s device to avoid downloading or accessing any unwanted sites or applications.

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