Longest Snapchat Streak 2019

The world of technology is growing up at a breakneck pace, and so we are. Various apps and software have been developed now to decrease the distances of communication. When it comes to messaging apps, Snapchat is the name that almost we all know and admire on. We are here going to discuss you about the longest Snapchat streak today with you.

The app is a fun way to communicate with your friends or family members with the usage of emojis, pictures, videos, and animation. If we talk about the Snapchat streak, it is mentioned by original fire emoji. The best thing here is that you can quickly change the streak emoji into another one.

Longest Snapchat Streak 2019

Longest Snapchat Streak

Snapchat streaks are usually being conducted in the competitive format. It represent how long been your relationship with that particular person. Longer will be the stripe with the related person, higher will be the score. And more will the streaks you added up in your account, higher will your Snapchat score get increased every day. We are here going to discuss you about the longest Snapchat streak with you.

Get a look at the Snapchat Streak history

Before proceeding forward with the Snapchat Streak, it would be quite beneficial to stand up as an expert if you know its history very well. Knowing about the history of Snapchat Streaks is the easiest way to get expertise in it. This feature was being introduced into the app on 6th of April 2015 along with other emoji features such as Snapchat Best Friends. The highlight was entered into the app 12 days before it was actually announced and hence the scores lead a little bit than the actual date. In short, we can also say that the longest streak in the history of Snapchat streak would exactly be at the period when it was introduced.

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Longest Snapchat Streaks

If you are willing to know about the list of different longest Snapchat streak till date, we are here providing you few. While working on the same, we have cross-checked the different platforms to provide you accurate results. As we have mentioned you earlier that Snapchat Streak Feature was being introduced in April 2015, it has become 1459 days till date. The longest Snapchat Streak till date is between:

Francesca & Rachel, 1401+ days

Josie & Em, 1350+ days

Jayden & Ashley, 1344+ days

Miriam & Alyssa, 1342+ days

Sarah & Patrick, 1341+ days

Daniel & Mayra, 1329+ days

Andrew & Amber, 1326+ days

Sean & Mike, 1314+ days

Kiele & Nicole, 1312+ days

Hailey & Eleanor, 1307+ days

While adding up the Longest Snapchat streaks here, we have cross-checked the different social media platforms to provide you accurate information.

What are the rewards here?

Snapchat is a fun messaging app and working on such a beautiful app like this would surely be a reward itself. People usually love to use this messaging app due to various reasons. Whether it is the ease of use it offers to its users, or it is its interactive interface, whether it is about how much memory it occupies on your phone or it is about the internet data it consumes, all the features are admirable and keeps a higher level of satisfaction for the users.

Emojis are one of the excellent features especially for Snapchat that has served as one of the primary reason behind its popularity. Who doesn’t want to have an app that can offer you messaging and fun at the same time? But the situation becomes more exciting when this fun messaging comes up with some rewards as well.

If you ever have reached the 100 days streak, you may have noticed that you have awarded with a trophy with 100 days fire emoji. Snapchat also rewards its users with 1000 day fire emoji and a trophy on the completion of 1000 days of Snapchat Streak. Is it not unusual to win rewards just by communicating with your loved one regularly through this app?

What is the Snapchat Streak Limit?

Now, this is one of the most asked questions among the Snapchat users. Snapchat offers no limit on the longevity of the streaks. It is your choice, how long would you want to use it. The only thing that creates a bar here is the time when it was introduced. As we have touched up the bar of 1459 days till its release, no one can go beyond that bar. It will automatically release with everyday usage.


While Snapchat is one of the most amazing and fun messaging app, its features are admirable too, especially the fire emojis. The length of the longest Snapchat streak depends upon the thing that for how long it was released and for how long and how often it is in use. The countdown of Snapchat Streaks inevitably has raised the bars of 1401 now.


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