How to Remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark Permanently 2019

How to Remove Activate Windows Watermark Permanently? No matter, whether you are using Windows 10 trial version or licensed expired product, you will often be annoyed with the watermark. Are you often getting irritated when opening your system because you get activate windows 10 watermarks? Do you eagerly look for the way to remove activate windows watermark? If so, then continue reading to get a solution to your problem. Before diving into the topic, get a clear understanding of what the activate window 10 watermark is.

What is the Activate Windows Watermark?

Usually, this watermark display on your windows system when you do not active your Windows 10 from Microsoft Windows license with the help of product key to avail the Windows 10 premium features. License Windows always assist users to be safe from hackers and other culprits. Additionally, it gives access to more additional features, which enhance your device performance.

If you have been using 30 days trial version of Windows 10, then after expiration you will get this watermark and reminding you to activate Windows with the product key. This message also indicated that your system is accessing the operating system in the test mode, which does not affect your work. However, it is extremely annoying until you remove it. To remove activate windows watermark, you can take help from the below section.

Remove Activate Windows Watermark (Windows 10)

Here, you will find some of the best and easiest ways to remove activate windows watermark. Based on your preference, you can choose the right way and fulfill your needs without confronting any hassles. So let’s learn how to get rid of activate windows watermark permanently.

Method 1: Access notepad to remove the watermark

With this method, you need to create the notepad along with some commands, which remove windows 10 watermark automatically from your windows screen. To remove activate windows watermark, simply go through below mentioned steps.

  • Open the notepad from Windows start menu or search it in the search bar
  • In the notepad, type

“@echo off

Taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe



activate windows watermark

  • Now, save the notepad on the desired location. While saving the file, change it to remove.bat and then save as type to all files

how to remove activate windows 10 watermark

  • Go to the location where saved your notepad file and right click on it and choose run as administrator
  • Now, the command prompt will open and then close itself. Upon completion of this process, restart your system. It automatically removes the active Windows 10 watermark from your laptop or desktop

Method 2: Utilize registry to remove activate watermark

In case, if the above method does not work, then you can use the registry method to remove activate windows 10 watermark. This process is quite easier and simpler than the notepad method.

  • To open run, press “windows key + R” or simply go to start menu and type run in the search bar
  • In the dialog box, type “Regedit.exe” and then press the enter button
  • In the registry tab, go to Hkey_current_user_>control panel>desktop or copy pate Hkey_current_user\control panel\desktop on the search bar

how to get rid of activate windows watermark

  • From the list of the right side window, open paint desktop version and change the value from 1 to 0. Then, press the ok button to save all the changes. Finally, close the registry tab with all running programs and then restart your system
  • That’s all, the Windows 10 watermark will be removed.

Method 3: Ease of access settings to remove Windows 10 watermark

Another important way to get rid of the activate windows watermark is ease of access settings. The major goal under this solution is to remove background images. Of course, you have guessed correctly, this method will surely remove the watermark in just a few minutes. Follow the below steps to do that removal process.

  • Hit the Windows key + S and then select control panel
  • Choose ease of access center from the list
  • Select the option “make the system easier to see
  • Hit the tick box against the variant “remove background images” and then confirm

This removal approach is quite primitive but works better. Thus, you can get rid of the Windows watermark as soon as possible.

Method 4: Standard Settings in the OS support Center

When it comes to removing the activate windows 10 watermark, it is officially the first solution accessible on the Microsoft Support site. It takes a couple of steps and is imperative when you do not know your way across computers.

  • Just type cmd and hit command prompt. After that, select run as administrator option
  • In the black command prompt window, type bcdebit-set Testsigning Off and press enter without any delay
  • After that, you have to close the window and simply reboot the computer

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Final Thoughts

So these are some working methods to get rid of Activate Windows Watermark. You can approach the best option, which suits your needs and demands. Have hope and try any one of these methods to get rid of this annoyance.

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