{Top} Best Cydia Sources & Best Cydia Repos for iOS 11/12 (2019)

Now, the majority of the iPhone users look for the jailbreak in their device. They go to the best platform for making changes in the devices. On the other hand, you can make use of a special application like Cydia. Before using it, you can understand more things about them and then make the right decision to use. This is the best-used source of many iPhone users today. You can avail of a different range of Cydia Sources that fit for the device. You can opt for the best one and make the device based on your needs. Well in this post we are going to share everything you need to know about Cydia Repos and Cydia Sources for iOS 11/12.

Cydia Sources – Why it is Important for Users

For the newly jailbroken device, you can try to find out the best Cydia Sources for making the device with an excellent look and friendly. This will allows you to search for the more things that ideal for any kind of device. Users can able to obtain limited tweaks. It manages default tweak that beneficial for the users. Whether you need to access more tweaks, you can use the best platform to Cydia. Now, different kinds of Cydia source available and each and everyone manages different tweaks and games.

With the help of best Cydia source, you can able to download different kinds of application and games in the device without any restriction. Now you might be thinking that which are the best sources for Cydia or from where can I find best Cydia repos. Well, you don’t have to go anywhere because here we have a compiled a list of best cydia sources & best Cydia repos. We will also provide Url of all Cydia Repos.

Best Cydia Sources & Cydia Repos 2019

Best Cydia Sources

Bigboss repository

It is one of the greatest cydia source available online today. You can simply try it in the device and see the changes in the device. This one comes up with an excellent range of tweaks, themed apps, and a lot more that satisfy the user demands. This one is installed automatically while you install cydia in the device. You can also get the modified application here and simply install it in the phone, tablet, and others.

BigBoss Repo URL – apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/


It is considered as the best Cydia repos that give lots of things to the users. It manages different kinds of themes, wallpaper, ringtones, and other tweaks. The user’s avail of excellent mods that customize easily in the device. If you jailbreak the device, it is the best choice for you. It appears as a default source in the platform. You can add it manually in the device and gain many things in a quick way. You can use this cydia source simply and manage everything on the phone.

ModMyi Repo URL – apt.modmyi.com

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iPhone cake

Whether you are a real fan of games, you can opt for the iPhone cake and obtain a suitable game. Users don’t forget to this one to the Cydia source. This one allows you to gain the cracked apps and games and install downloaded things very quickly in the phone or tablet. Cydia Sources give better chance to the users important application in the device. You can gain the favorite game, apps, and others through iPhone cake. You can avail of a different range of new tweaks and never miss it. You can find out all the things at a single source.

App Cake Repo URL – cydia.iphonecake.com


It is a major thing of the iPhone users to get the best jailbreak packages. It is a necessary thing for the user to add this source to the app. You can make use of the ideal Cydia Sources and collect the packages. You can pick up the different items like apps, tweaks, mods and a lot more from the best source. The users must update these things frequently and able to find out the latest cracked version available in the device. These things support all kinds of devices. You can visit the official site and see the features and others of application.

HackYouriPhone Cydia Repo URL – repo.hackyouriphone.org


This is one of the greatest sources for cydia that fulfill the demands of users. You can get the customized look of the device with the support of Cydia Sources. This one provides a stunning range of tweaks and packages. With it, you can able to modify the lock screen, icons, folders, carrier logo, and others in the device. Springtomize is the most popular tweak in this repo. This one lets to customize every aspect of the device in an easy manner. You can use it and make any changes in the device simply with this platform.

FillippoBiga Cydia repo URL – filippobiga.me/home.html

Icleaner pro repo

It is the most suitable form of application in the device. You can get the perfect tweak on the ios devices. You can free up lots of space in the device by just removing temporary files, cache files, and others that not used often. You can add this source to the Cydia and obtain excellent tweak very quickly. So, the users consider top rated repos for the devices and change the look of the device.

iCleaner Pro repo URL – exile90software.com/cydia

You can get the customized look of the device with the support of Cydia Sources. You can use the best one and get the mod version of applications. So these are some top cydia sources and Cydia Repos. We hope you like this article, see you soon in the next article.

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